Planet Protector Academy

Training superheroes of environmental protection!

Engages kids as real-life planet protectors

Helps teachers meet curriculum standards in a fun way

Inspires real behaviour change in families!

Want to inspire environmental superheroes?

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How It Works

6 one hour pre-planned modules, once a week

Students do fun activities in teams for points

Led by a website you project at the front of the class

Module at-a-glance (approx. 50-60mins)

  • 10 Minute Prep
  • Video-Led
  • Team Activities
  • Game Shows
  • Music
  • Missions

Supports 21st Century Learning

Interdisciplinary approach

supports arts, language, science and social studies standards for Grades 3-5

Facilitates 4C’s

communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity

Connects Learning to the real world

through fun at-home missions

Learning Benefits

Easy to use and 97% of teachers recommend!

Engages and meets
diverse learning needs

Supports the
ON curriculum

Flexible and

Helps bring tech
into the classroom

Inspires real change
beyond the classroom

Praise From Teachers

  • "I will definitely use it again and can recommend to other teachers. The kids were actually sad when it was over!"


    Laurette Dupuis, N. Battleford, SK

  • "Fun, comprehensive, easy to use and fits the curriculum."


    Maria Palacios Cerezales, Edmonton, AB

  • "A fun, ready to use program that gets students engaged in the learning."


    Anonymous Teacher, Edmonton, AB

Community Impact

50%+ of families 
driving and idling less

70%+ of families saving
energy at home

60% of families 
making less garbage

Kids lead change 
in their families

Tracks behaviour 
change data

Easy to scale

Partnering for Change

It’s hard to believe how much DreamRider engages kids if you haven’t seen it for yourself. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Amy Fournier, Sustainability, City of Vancouver, BC

I can honestly say this is the best environmental educational program I have ever seen, and we get the metrics we need!

Melanie Kawalec, Sustainability Manager, City of Peterborough

A great way to have an effect on the real world, which we don’t often find.

Robert Gifford, Prof. Psychology & Environmental Studies, University of Victoria, BC

Some of Our Community Partners

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