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The Planet Protector Academy

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Live webcasts for kids aged 6-11

Fun arts and game-based activities

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FREE thanks to our generous funders!

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Upcoming Sessions

FREE thanks to the support of our generous funders!

Note: Programs & dates subject to change

Zero Heroes inspires kids to become zero waste superheroes and change their families' waste & consumption habits!

Six weekly modules

Every Tuesday

May 4th through June 8th

4.30-5.30pm (PST)

Joining part way?

No problem! Recordings will be available after you register.

Past Sessions

H2Whoa! inspires kids to become water superheroes and help their families conserve and protect our precious water resources.

Four weekly modules

Every Wednesday

February 3rd through 24th

4.30-5.30pm (PST)

Session Finished

Emergency Preparedness Squad inspires kids to become preparedness superheroes and prepare families for when disaster strikes!

Four weekly modules

Every Monday

February 1st through March 1st
(except February 15th)

4.30-5.30pm (PST)

Session Finished

Zero Heroes inspires kids to become zero waste superheroes and change their families' waste & consumption habits!

Six weekly modules

Every Thursday

January 28th through March 4th

4.30-5.30pm (PST)

Session Finished

Keep Cool inspires kids to become climate action superheroes and change their families' energy and transportation habits!

Six weekly modules

Every Tuesday

January 26th through March 2nd

4.30-5.30pm (PST)

Session Finished

What Parents/Guardians Say

  • "Thanks so much for these great webinars! Leila has been spending her afternoons dressing up as a planet protector!"


    Cathy Acuna, Vancouver, BC

  • "I didn't expect him to get so involved and excited about the program, considering his short attention span."


    Paulo Carvalho, Newmarket, ON

  • "This has been a real bright light for our family during this time."


    Michael Tanaka, Burnaby, BC

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Promotes 21st Century Learning

Facilitates interdisciplinary learning

combining arts, language, science and social studies curriculum

Develops the 4C's

incl. communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity

Connects learning to the real world

through fun at-home missions to lead change in families

Meets diverse learning needs

with engaging, arts-based activities

Uses the best of online tools

to inspire offline learning, creativity and action!


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