Green Teacher Webinar – Deep Engagement via Story, the arts and gamification

Green Teacher Webinar!

Thank you for participating in the Green Teacher Magazine webinar on ‘Deep Engagement through Story, the arts and gamification’!

Below you’ll find links to free resources mentioned in Vanessa’s presentation, as well as more information about how you can bring the Planet Protector Academy program to your classroom.

Here are tools and resources you can use to bring you more story, arts and gamification into your teaching:

Planet Protector Academy theme song lyrics in colour and black & white
ID Cards in colour and black & white
Example Mission Book in colour and black & white
Completion Certificates in colour and black & white
Winning Team Certificates in colour and black & white

Other Resources
Green Teacher Magazine articles on gamification “Let the Games Begin!” and using story “Planet Protecting Superheroes!“.

Book: Catch the Fire – an art-full guide to unleashing the creative power of youth, adults and communities, published by New Society Publishers.

The Seven Basic Plots summary by Mrs K’s Socratic Cafe

Bring the Academy to your classroom!

(and let us know you watched the Green Teacher webinar for full access!)

Learning Benefits

Easy to use and 9/10 teachers
would recommend

Engages and meets
diverse learning needs

Supports Canadian and
US curriculum

Flexible and

Helps bring tech
into the classroom

Inspires real change
beyond the classroom

Praise From Teachers

  • "My kids were very enthusiastic, engaged and excited! They became leaders and definitely made a difference."


    Tammi Remsburg, Concord, NC

  • "Just press play and it runs itself. It's literally plug and play. You get to ride along with the class and it’s so much fun!"


    Shane Hipwell, Abbotsford, BC

  • "Grab(s) kids by their heartstrings and stirs them up in the best possible way. Authentic learning to navigate and prosper in the world."


    Mark Gura, EdTech Digest


(and let us know you watched the Green Teacher webinar for full access!)