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Supports Ontario Expectations

Science & Tech

The Arts


Social Studies

Promotes 21st Century Learning

Facilitates interdisciplinary learning

combining arts, language, science and social studies curriculum

Develops the 4C's

incl. communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity

Connects learning to the real world

through fun at-home missions to lead change in families

Meets diverse learning needs

with engaging, arts-based group activities

Helps bring tech into the classroom

in an easy plug & play format, no special equipment needed!

How It Works (video)

6 weekly pre-planned modules, about an hour each

Students do fun activities in teams for points

Led by a website you project at the front of the class

Module at-a-glance (approx. 60-75mins)

  • 10 Minute Prep
  • Video-Led
  • Team Activities
  • Game Shows
  • Music
  • Missions

Plug & Play! Minimal Prep!

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The Zero Heroes resource inspires students as zero waste superheroes to explore our garbage predicament and change their families’ waste habits!

Modules Overview

Module 1 -

Operation Garbage Watch

The adventure begins! Why is garbage a problem? What brings us joy that isn’t about stuff? First mission assignment!

Module 2 -

Operation Love Food, Hate Waste

Why and how do we waste perfectly good food? Calculate the relative value of the food families waste. Mission 2: Reduce food waste at home.

Module 3 -

Operation Food Scraps

Composting and food scraps: why bother? Play a Sorting Game, write a rap, and get Mission 3: use your food scraps bin!

Module 4 -

Operation Waste-Free Lunch

What is packaging and what problems does it cause? Analyse today’s lunch. Use math to learn about collective impact. Make a poster and get Mission 4: have a waste-free lunch.

Module 5 -

Operation Buy Smart

Now that we know all this, how can we buy smarter? Brainstorm solutions, create buy-smart guidelines, create skits about impulse shopping, and get Mission 5: teach your families to buy smart!

Module 6 -

Operation Green Cycle

Designing following nature’s design. Learning about biomimicry: how can we design like nature does? Invent a product that uses biomimicry. Through the art of your choice, share your product with the class.

What Teachers Say

  • "The Academy is fantastic... students are fully engaged and ask for it every day so, thank-you!"


    Melissa Mackie, Durham, ON

  • "An engaging and interactive program to help students understand their responsibilities for taking care of the planet."


    Debbie McMullen, Guelph, ON

  • "A perfect way to convince my students to learn."


    Amanda, Peterborough, ON


Fully funded for Peterborough area teachers!

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