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What Teachers Say

  • "As a parent and teacher, I LOVED it! Perfect balance of education and entertainment!"


    Emily Villavicencio, Grade 3 Teacher

  • "This online program is great for covering curriculum across the subjects."


    Claire Leesui, Grade 4/5 Teacher

  • "The Planet Protector Academy: Home Edition was superb! Easily the best thing my class has done since schools were closed!"


    Joe Filippone, Grade 4 Teacher

Supports Saskatchewan Outcomes


Arts Education


Social Studies

Promotes 21st Century Learning

Facilitates interdisciplinary learning

combining arts, language, science and social studies curriculum

Develops the 4C's

incl. communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity

Connects learning to the real world

through fun at-home missions to lead change in families

Meets diverse learning needs

with engaging, arts-based activities

Uses the best of online tools

to inspire offline learning, creativity and action!


The H2Whoa! resource inspires students to become water superheroes and help their families conserve and protect our precious water resources!

Modules Overview

Module 1 -

One Water

The adventure begins! How are we connected to water? Explore how we use and have fun with water. Learn from the Tsleil Waututh First Nation that when we look after water, we look after everything that lives in and depends on water, like salmon. Practicing gratitude for water. First mission assignment: turning off taps.

Module 2 -

Save Water

How does water reach our taps? How is our drinking water cleaned? Learn about the Water Cycle and how we can conserve our precious drinking water. Meet Anishinaabe Elder Josephine Mandamin, who walked around the Great Lakes, inspiring millions to care for water. Receive Mission 2: saving water.

Module 3 -

Protect Water

How does water get polluted? Why is it important to keep it clean? Learn ways to protect our water, including how Indigenous farmers in southern Belize have a natural way to keep their streams and rivers clean, so they can use the water to grow their crops. Putting learning into practice with Mission 3: protecting water.

Module 4 -

Connect in Place

How is water part of where I live? Learn what forms of natural water sources are close to my school/home. Hear about an Indigenous community in Arizona that planted a forest to help clean a polluted river. Program wrap-up and celebration!

Messages from Mother Earth

Indigenous perspectives on water

Each week, our young Cree superhero highlights Indigenous-led environmental projects around the world, showing how Indigenous cultural practices and wisdom hold solutions for our water issues.

Created in consultation and collaboration with Indigenous artists, elders and culture keepers.

Learn more about the collaboration.

Remote learning made easy

Led by engaging actor educators 

No planning needed 

Accessible via desktop, tablet or smartphone!  

Upcoming Sessions

H2Whoa! inspires kids to become water superheroes and help their families conserve and protect our precious water resources!

June 8-11

10-11am Pacific Time

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What Parents Say

  • "Thank you so much for these great online webinars! Leila has been spending her afternoons dressing up as a planet protector!"


    Cathy Acuna, Vancouver, BC

  • "I didn't expect him to get so involved and excited about the program, considering his short attention span."


    Paulo Carvalho, Parent, Newmarket, ON

  • "Fabulous program! She loved the activities and is keen to keep doing Planet Protectors!"


    Amanda Wardrop, Vancouver, BC


Fully funded for SK schools!

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