Inspire superheroes

in your community!


By partnering with schools, districts, government agencies and philanthropic foundations and donors, we ensure that Planet Protector Academy programs are accessible at no cost to students!

* For classrooms outside of funded areas, access can be purchased on a sliding scale of $100-$250 per program per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

As a teacher, you can access the first module of any program at no cost. You’ll also get access to that program’s Teacher’s Guide, which has an in-depth breakdown of all the program’s modules and content.

It’s funded in my city, how do I sign up?

For teachers in funded areas, special sign-up instructions are usually shared by your school district and/or principal. Please contact us if you have not received this information.

What’s a program?

A Planet Protector Academy program is a series of classroom lessons and at-home missions focused on a certain issue e.g. climate change (Keep Cool), waste reduction (Zero Heroes), water conservation (H2Whoa!) and emergency preparedness (Emergency Preparedness Squad). Learn more about programs.

Is it available in French / Spanish?

Planet Protector Academy programs are currently only available in English but we have plans to develop versions in other languages in the near future. In the meantime, many non-English immersion teachers are doing all the group activities, brainstorms and discussions in the target language to help students practice their speaking skills and build confidence.

When does access expire?

Access to Planet Protector Academy programs is typically provided on an annual basis and expires on June 30th every year. Please contact us about multi-year access and alternative school calendar cycles.

What data do you collect?

We collect behaviour change metrics relevant to the program’s topic (e.g. # of families taking shorter showers) and also survey teachers about their experience. To protect privacy, no personal information of students and families is collected at any time.