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Through story, music, interactive media and live theatre, we create inclusive, meaningful, and full-throttle experiences that children adore and that instill positive environmental values in their hearts Рand in their actions. After experiencing our programs, kids feel energized, happy, and eager to put into practice what they have learned!

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The Dreamrider Story

DreamRider Productions started as a project of the City of Vancouver in 1998, engaging elementary school kids in water conservation through theatre. Due to popular demand, we became our own independent organization in 2002 so that we could with other municipal governments to reach schools, teachers, and kids throughout the Metro Vancouver region.

Following the success of our award-winning live theatre shows, we wanted to scale our reach and impact beyond Metro Vancouver to inspire a whole generation of environmental superheroes. The result is the Planet Protector Academy, a unique digital-led classroom based program in which kids become 'apprentice' Planet Protectors and go home on superhero missions to change their families' behaviours!

We work with diverse communities to inspire environmental superheroes of all races, ethnic backgrounds, orientations, gender identities and religions. Our programming reaches through schools and into families to empower everyone as planet protectors!

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"DreamRider's work to engage with young people is critical to raising environmental literacy. We simply love that they do it in such a fun and creative way."

Christianne Wilhemson, Executive Director, Georgia Straight Alliance

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