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Inspire superheroes

in your School!


Through story, music, comedy, and interactive media, we create transformational learning experiences that inspire kids to become change makers in their schools, families and communities. 


For schools wanting
to inspire student


For schools wanting to
extend the fun for
a whole year!


For schools wanting
to showcase their impact
in the community too!


For public-facing funders
wanting to inspire
changemakers at scale
Duration 4-6 weeks Full school year Full school year Full school year
Price per program per year

Starting @

Starting @

Starting @

Custom based
on needs

Promotional Support
Promo email templates
Dedicated landing page
Promotion planning support
Liasing with districts/local partners
Recruitment of teachers on your behalf
Teacher training
Pre-recorded training
Dedicated live training
ChangeMaker Education Training
Standard program content
4-6 core learning modules depending on the program
Assembly kick-off materials
Virtual online show for whole school
Monthly extension modules
Assembly wrap-up materials
Content adaptation support
Student certificate of completion
Custom program content
Customized encouragement video messages to students
Custom extension modules aligned with key messaging
Custom music video to promote key messaging
Co-branding of program content
School twinning for intercultural learning
Matched with school/classroom
Activity suggestions
Exclusive networking events
Teacher support
Email support
Dedicated WhatsApp group
Community engagement
Inter-school competition
Special co-branded online events
Behaviour change campaigns e.g. recycling drive
Behaviour change consulting
Teacher survey feedback
Behaviour change stats
Regular interim reports on progress
University-backed research
Press/social media support
Press kit with templates
Customized wrap-up celebration video
Price per program per year

Starting @

Starting @

Starting @

Custom based
on needs

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Frequently Asked Questions


Once a school signs up for a program package, teachers will get access to the Planet Protector Academy Platform, including the program’s Teacher’s Guide, which has an in-depth breakdown of all the program’s modules and content. Please contact us if you want to schedule a demo of the programs and the platform. 

What grades are the programs good for?

Our programs have been designed for students in grades 2 to 6. We’ve designed the program to be lots of fun, but it also supports learning outcomes for students in arts, science, language, and social studies.  

What’s a program?

A Planet Protector Academy program is a series of classroom lessons and at-home missions focused on a certain issue e.g. climate change (Keep Cool), waste reduction (Zero Heroes), water conservation (H2Whoa!) and emergency preparedness (Emergency Preparedness Squad). Learn more about programs.

Is it available in different languages?

All Planet Protector Academy programs are currently available in English, with some available in French too. The program can be used with learners of another language by doing all the group activities, brainstorms and discussions in the target language to help students practice their speaking skills and build confidence.


When does access expire?

Access expires based on the program package. The Starter Package access expires after 90 days from the date of activation. The Standard and Premium packages access expire at the end of the current academic year. Please contact us about multi-year access and alternative school calendar cycles.

What data do you collect?

We collect behaviour change metrics relevant to the program’s topic (e.g. # of families taking shorter showers) and also survey teachers about their experience. To protect privacy, no personal information of students and families is collected at any time.