Planet Protector Academy Programs


The Emergency Preparedness Program trains kids as emergency preparedness superheroes to make sure families are ready when disaster strikes!


4 one-hour weekly modules in the classroom combined with at-home superhero missions cover a range of emergency preparedness topics, including:

  • Module 1 – Know the risks (also available as a live show in Metro Vancouver)
    An A-Z overview of different disasters
    . Introduces ways we can be better prepared and teaches the Superhero Calming Breath!
  • Module 2 – Make a plan
    Planning 101: Why plan?
     How making plans before an emergency event can help you stay calm. Helps kids lead their families in planning for emergencies.
  • Module 3 – Get a kit
    Helps kids make a ‘grab-and-go’ bag to make sure they stay safe during the first 72hrs of an emergency.
  • Module 4 – We’re In This Together
    Emergencies can bring out the best in communities. We help kids celebrate how they’ve helped their families be better prepared!

Real-world Impact

Kids are leading measurable change in their families, with 42% of families making a plan and 36% starting to make a kit. Furthermore, 100% of teachers said it increased their knowledge and confidence to teach emergency preparedness concepts!

Supporting Curriculum

We’ve designed the program to be lots of fun, but it also supports learning outcomes for students in arts, science, language and social studies. Curriculum links are currently available for:

Want to help us develop curriculum links in your school system? Contact Us!