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Planet Protector Academy: Keep Cool

Inspiring climate change superheroes in your classroom!

Engaging curriculum-linked content for Grades 3-6

Fun and easy to use

97% of teachers recommend!

Fully funded for select BC schools!

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Supports BC Performance Standards

Science & Tech

Arts Education


Social Studies

Promotes 21st Century Learning

Facilitates interdisciplinary learning

combining arts, language, science and social studies curriculum

Develops the 4C's

incl. communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity

Connects learning to the real world

through fun at-home missions to lead change in families

Meets diverse learning needs

with engaging, arts-based group activities

Helps bring tech into the classroom

in an easy plug & play format, no special equipment needed!

How It Works (video)

6 weekly pre-planned lessons, about an hour each

Students do fun activities in teams for points

Led by a website you project at the front of the class

Module at-a-glance (approx.60-75mins)

  • 10 Minute Prep
  • Video-Led
  • Team Activities
  • Game Shows
  • Music
  • Missions

Plug & Play! Minimal Prep!

Print Worksheets   

Set Up Projector  

Let The Website Do The Rest!  


The Keep Cool resource inspires students to become climate action superheroes and change their families’ energy and transportation habits!

Modules Overview

Module 1 -

The Climate Conundrum

The adventure begins! Students become Apprentice Planet Protectors and play the Game Show to discover the differences between weather, climate and climate change. Drawing activity about changing seasons.

Module 2 -

Operation Darkroom

What’s the buzz about energy & electricity? Game show, drawing activity and writing raps about power systems. Apprentices receive Mission 1: switching off lights!

Module 3 -

Operation Shower Power

How do we use energy to heat water? Learn about heat, hot water and the hot water system, draw a poster and get Mission 2: taking shorter showers

Module 4 -

Operation Keep Car Cool

How do people waste energy by the way they drive? Draw & rate different types of transportation, watch a music video, and get Mission 3: stop your family from idling.

Module 5 -

Operation Go Car Free

Why go car free? Brainstorm barriers and solutions for kids walking to school, do a theatre skit on active transportation and get Mission 4: as a family, drive less.

Module 6 -

Keep Cool

Program wrap-up! Apprentices report on their last mission and receive individual & team certificates. Celebrate helping protect the planet!

What Teachers Say

  • "Just press play and it runs itself. It's literally plug and play. You get to ride along with the class and it’s so much fun!"


    Shane Hipwell, Abbotsford, BC

  • "They love this because it's got the technology, it's got the music and the songs and the game show, it's just really engaging."


    Debbie Yeo, Langley Township, BC

  • "I enjoyed seeing the collaboration between students as they worked with teammates to solve challenges."


    Krista Tulloch, North Vancouver, BC


Fully funded for select BC schools!

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