Planet Protector Academy (Human Touch)

Planet Protector Academy

Inspiring students to be leaders of change!

Engages students as real-life planet protectors

Helps teachers meet curriculum goals in a fun way

Elevates your school’s reputation and international profile

Cutting-Edge Pedagogy

Teachers save time with plug & play video-led lessons 

Students engage deeply in real-world applied learning  

Schools effortlessly integrate innovative Canadian pedagogy  

How It Works

In-class arts-based activities to inspire & empower

At-home “superhero missions” to engage the family

Classroom twinning to build global connections

Transformational Learning Experience

  • Video-Led
  • Team Activities
  • Game Shows
  • Music
  • Missions

Promotes 21st Century Learning

Facilitates interdisciplinary learning

combining arts, language, science and social studies curriculum

Develops the 4C's

incl. communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity

Connects learning to the real world

through fun at-home missions to lead change in families

Meets diverse learning needs

with engaging, arts-based group activities

Helps bring tech into the classroom

in an easy plug & play format, no special equipment needed!

Interdisciplinary Approach





Social Studies

Promotes action on the SDGs

What Partners Say

  • "You have lit a blaze in young minds that will have an effect on society here to come!"


    Mrs. A. Sangeetha, Teacher, SSVM Institutions, Coimbatore

  • "We had an incredible response from our students and staff that has exceeded our expectations!"


    Dr Manimekalai Mohan, Managing Trustee, SSVM Institutions, Coimbatore

  • "Just press play and it runs itself. It's literally plug and play. You get to ride along with the class and it’s so much fun!"


    Shane Hipwell, Teacher, Canada

A Trusted Canadian Brand

Since 1998, DreamRider Productions has been harnessing the power of interactive media, music, theatre and comedy to inspire over 1 million kids in 400 cities worldwide to become lifelong Planet Protectors!



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