Planet Protector Academy Programs


H2Whoa inspires kids to become water superheroes and help their families conserve and protect our precious water resources!


Four weekly modules in the classroom combined with at-home superhero missions cover a range of water topics, including:

One Water

Save Water

Protect Water

Connect in Place

Real-world Impact

Piloting of the program in Vancouver showed kids are leading measurable change in their families, with 85% of families turning off taps more, 85% of families taking shorter showers and 55% of families pledging to let the rain water their lawn!

Indigenous Perspectives on Water

Each week, our young Cree superhero highlights Indigenous-led environmental projects around the world, showing how Indigenous cultural practices and wisdom hold solutions for our world’s water issues. Created in consultation and collaboration with Indigenous artists, elders and culture keepers. Learn more about the collaboration.

Supporting Curriculum

We’ve designed the program to be lots of fun, but it also supports learning outcomes for students in arts, science, language and social studies. Curriculum links are currently available for:

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Also available en francais!

Thanks to the kind support of the BC Francophone Affairs Program, we have developed a French version of the program, H2Ohhh!, that can be used in French Immersion and francophone schools. Learn more.

Curriculum links for H2Ohhh! are now available for British Columbia, Alberta (Grades 2-6), Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Québec.